Fantastic guest blog by Louise Green of Vitality Aromatherapy

Pregnancy is a time when many women turn to natural remedies and organic skincare.  Aromatherapy Massage is a wonderful way to relax for you (and your baby) and can help alleviate aches and pains and pregnancy health niggles. Various products can be made with essential oils to keep your skin healthy and help with common problems including nausea, anxiety and swollen hands and feet. If you are practising hypno-birthing or other relaxation techniques you can use a unique blend of essential oils as your anchor aroma. This can help you during birthing and beyond.

The key to safe Aromatherapy for pregnancy is to buy pure, high quality base products and essential oils (ideally organic), check with a qualified Aromatherapist which essential oils are not suitable for use in your pregnancy, and only use safe essential oils such as those mentioned below, in low doses. There is a lot of contradictory information available from the internet and books. Deciding which oils to use can be confusing.

Essential oils should always be diluted before applying to the skin and at 1% dilution maximum during pregnancy. This equates to approximately 20 drops of essential oil in 100ml of vegetable base oil.  As the sense of smell is often heightened in pregnancy you may well not want the maximum amount of essential oils; just start with a few drops.

Skin & Bump Care:

During pregnancy skin changes are common and all women will experience a profound change in the shape of their body and the skin stretching to accommodate the growing baby.  Some people unfortunately seem prone to stretch marks but regular self massage and application of nourishing natural butters, creams and oils before, during and after pregnancy can help maintain optimal skin elasticity and keep the stretch marks at bay.  Massage of bump and body during pregnancy also helps you connect with your baby, enhances circulation of blood and lymph and helps to relax you and baby.

Body & Bump Oil 100ml

This is a nourishing body oil. If you prefer a lighter oil use 100ml Apricot Kernal oil. Use approximately 5-10ml as a moisturiser after a bath or shower or as a massage oil. Keep the oil in a clean, dark glass or PET plastic bottle and use within 6 months of bottling.

Sunflower Oil 50ml (Vitamin rich, softens and moisturises)

Jojoba Oil 30ml (Excellent stability, emollient, very rich in Vitamin E)

Rosehip Oil 20ml (Amazing regenerative properties, good for scars and stretch marks)

The blends of essential oil given below to add to 100ml of base oil could be used in a diffuser rather than in an oil – half the quantities of essential oil. If you want to add to a bath – add 4 drops maximum of essential oil in total in a table spoon of natural salts/oil

Blend 1 – Calming blend, excellent to ease anxiety, gently lifts the spirits:

Mandarin  10 drops, Frankincense 6 drops,  Neroli  4 drops

Blend 2 – Soothing blend, promotes sleep, eases digestive discomfort and muscle aches

Sweet Orange 10 drops,  Lavender 8 drops, Roman Chamomile  2 drops

Blend 3 – Balancing for fluctuating moods and emotions, alleviates stress and tension

Bergamot  10 drops,   Lavender 6 drops,  Geranium  5 drops

Nausea: Try inhaling essential oil of Spearmint. A few drops on a tissue.  Lime or Ginger can also work for some people

Swollen legs & ankles: Try 10 drops total of Cypress, Lemon or Grapefruit and Geranium in aloe vera gel.

It is good practice to vary the essential oils that you use, rather than use the same oils every day over long periods to avoid sensitisation.  If you make a body oil with blend 1 for example use this for a few weeks and then swap to a plain base oil for a while or try alternating with one or more of the other suggested blends.

If you have questions about aromatherapy for pregnancy or would like Louise to make a bespoke product for you please email