A friend of mine recently set herself a big personal challenge, something she had never done before. One that this was going to challenge her both physically and mentally, so ensuring she was well supported was essential.

Not only would she need to get her body in an optimised state by training regularly and eating well, she would need to have the correct equipment, tools and clothing to aid and protect her from the elements as well as assist her during this challenge. And finally, and an extremely important factor that was not to be overlooked, was to have the right people around her, guiding, educating and supporting to ensure she stayed on track, overcome and bumps in the road (metaphorically and actually) and achieve this goal successfully.

Her ‘cheerleaders’ would lift her up, keep her focused when the road got tough or a little foggy, they would rejoice with her when she overcame limiting beliefs, silencing her ‘Negative Nancy’ when she was getting too loud and smashed through these self-imposed barriers, and celebrated her huge wins with her!  Ensuring all areas of support was covered was a no-brainer for her and became an essential part of her success story. 

Many times, we find that limiting beliefs, that ‘Negative Nancy’ voice in our heads, keeps us safe and secure in our comfort zones, which is the intention after all, but it also ensures that we don’t push ourselves to do something new, something we have always wanted to do for the fear of failing! And often, we allow the voice of fear win!

It could also be that the voice we are hearing is someone else’s voice….a parent, a friend, an ex-partner or a current partner, a message that has been repeated to us over a period of time, creating a new belief.

After all a belief is simply a message that has been repeated to us during our lifetime!

I want you to think about a Newborn baby for a moment, new life that has just entered the world with no perceived ideas or judgement. That baby is not born with phobias, it does not have a fear of flying or of spiders, it is a beautiful sponge ready to absorb all that it’s parents are ready to teach it along with others they may encounter through their lifetime. This is where our belief system is created and where we start to learn lessons and sometimes limiting beliefs.

 “What do I know about running my own business!?”

“What if I don’t like it once I start on this path?”

“Who would want to employ me, I have been a stay at home mum all these years!?”

And the biggest worry

“What if I fail? I am scared of failing”

“What would people think if I have a go and it doesn’t work? How embarrassing would that be!”

But the great news is that whilst we can sometimes have these limiting beliefs, they can also be replaced with positive ones! WE can re-programme our thought process for positive change, WE can learn to change that voice to a much more helpful dialogue, that supports our growth and development

The only requirements are an open mind and heart coupled with the conscious desire for change.

 So if you feel ready to 

  • Make POSITIVE  and DEFINITE steps forward?
  • Realise your DREAMS and run at them?
  • BUST and BURST limiting self-beliefs.
  • INCREASE feeling of self-confidence and self-esteem?
  • REDISCOVER the woman you know you were born to be?
  • Be SUPPORTED and EMPOWERED to shine your light so bright that EVERYONE around you notices!?

Now really is your time to shine, and I would love to hear from you.

Feel Informed. Feel Supported. Feel Ready

Steph xx