Throughout all of our lives we hear women’s birth stories. Our mothers, our sisters, our friends….we hear stories of endless torture whereby the mother had become a survivor of birth. b2ap3_thumbnail_relaxbondbreathe1.jpg.jpg

Every story we hear, every birth we watch played out by over dramatised Hollywood movies or carefully edited schoody Channel 4 documentaries, has been stored in our sub-conscious! It’s held in our long term memory banks as birth being scary, of being agonising, of being dangerous.

When it comes to the time in our own lives to experience birth and all it brings, it’s already a prerequisite that our experience will be like all of the negative stories that have been offered up to us throughout the years.  Of course we wouldn’t expect anything other than a hideously long, painful, medically managed birth!

But! What if there was another way? Another way that has had just as many positive, beautiful, empowering birth stories as all the negative ones you have previously heard or seen……… gets you thinking!

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme offers you the ‘other way’, it address’ all negativity from your past, it reassures your sub-conscious that birth can be a natural, safe and empowering event, an event that you are in full control of and an event that you can own and enjoy.

Hypnosis is a big word, a scary word for some, it evokes so many questions of how? What if? Will I be clucking like a chicken? It may surprise you to know that we all drift in and out of hypnotic states all day long! A car journey you take but don’t remember actually driving there, crying at a movie and not being aware of the chair you’re sitting on and when we have sex (on the nights you’re not doing mental shopping), these are all hypnotic states, and there’s no pocket watch in sight. It’s when your conscious mind is occupied and so you lose sense of any sensations your body is feeling. So, imagine how this will benefit you when giving birth?! The Wise Hippo not only teaches you the tools to do just that, it also educates you on the natural process your body goes through when birthing. This helps our conscious thinking minds to accept, let go and allow the natural birth process to happen, thereby ridding your mind and body of any conflict. And alongside all this great stuff you learn tools to help you relax and adjust to the stresses of everyday life way beyond the birth itself.

Hypnobirthing is becoming a much more popular and accepted method for birth preparation these days. Many celebrities have spoken out of their wonderful hypnobirths. Gisele Buchanan, Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr and on this side of the pond, Nadia Sawalha talked about her beautiful hypnobirth on The Wright Stuff tv show (we share this clip in session 1 of the course)! This show evoked a lovely thread on BabycentreGiovanna Fletcher blogged about her about her hypnobirth and if rumours are to be believed our future queen The Duchess of Cambridge. (Even little old me has experienced an amazing hypnobirth with my 4th child)

So maybe there is another way to birth? A more enjoyable way to birth? A more empowering way to birth? It’s got to be worth consideration hasn’t it?