Whether your child(ren) are 2 months old or 20 years old, the pressure has never been greater on Mum’s today to be all, and do all for her children.


She is not only expected to be the educators, joy creators, mediators, personal chef’s, housemaid, taxi driver and all-round comforters (to name but a few of the MANY tasks, and we haven’t even mentioned working outside of the home!), but she is also supposed to have her shit together ALL.OF. THE. TIME, and look like she is enjoying it.


(she wouldn’t dare even mutter that motherhood is not what she thought it would be, and that whilst she loves her kids, she sometimes wishes she could go back to all she was before having them)


Many of us feel completely overwhelmed by motherhood at various times in our lives, and can sometimes feel like we are swimming against the tide, just about treading water, or like our feet are stuck in treacle and it is all we can do to just keep putting one foot in front of the other!


Regular feelings of loneliness, isolation and even fear that you are failing on an epic scale, and totally screwing your kids up in the process.


Comparisonitus strikes – EVERY mum you see, seems to be seamlessly moving her way through each day, whilst looking damn good too.


Her relationship with her partner has changed beyond recognition, intimacy and affection is very rare, with lack of inclination to change that anytime soon. Communication has been completely lost, and she often feels like he is another child to take care of.


How can she be his lover when she feels like his mother?


She has been know to fantasise about the life she had or the one she could have if she walked out the door and didn’t look back (which in turn creates more guilt)


She simply can’t remember the woman she was before, she is trapped in the body of Mum and has no idea how to even begin to break free and release herself.


THIS is why I created ‘Release and Re-Discover’, an exciting opportunity to finally be free from the chains of the past and present, which are preventing you from being present in your life.


A recent client, that walked this path with me said the following;


“My self-worth is increasing daily. My confidence is higher than it has been in several years. I feel empowered. I feel in more in control. The fog has gone. I realise my identity now is just as powerful as my identity before I became a mother. Steph has given me tools to use in my everyday life to continue on my journey, investing in myself has been the best thing I have done in years”


During our time together, you will make the first important, and powerful steps forwards into the woman you want to be, by allowing yourself to release all that has been holding you back.


As you nurture your mind and body, you will noticeably begin to feel the fog start to lift and ultimately feel lighter throughout your body, and learn and understand the importance of forgiveness to yourself and others around you, bringing you inner peace and calm.


I will guide you as well as provide you with tools and techniques to cope and manage your hectic life on a day to day, week to week basis, when life happens and throws you a curve ball.


But most importantly, truly connect with all that you are, by enabling a deeper understanding of the woman you are and the woman you want to be, by finding your voice, feeling more self-worth and confidence.


By reconnecting with yourself, you will not only notice more self-appreciation for all that you are, but it will also enhance, enrich and filter out into other relationships in your life, like a gentle ripple effect.


I can’t promise you it will always be easy, and there may be times that you may want to run and hide, but from your darkest days, come your brightest revelations.


You have absolutely nothing to lose (apart from the chains of crap!) and so much to gain.


I look forward to chatting with you soon…


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Steph xx

“This programme allowed me to face some of my biggest fears, in a safe environment, which allows you to open up and clear the baggage you are holding onto. I’ve began to see the change and benefits of my time with Steph, and the skills I’ve learnt will help me continue on my journey. Steph is amazing and a great listener. I’m able to be now more than just mum with thanks to Steph for making that happen”.

Victoria, Chelmsford

“I realise my identity now, is just as powerful as my identity before I became a mother. Steph has give me the tools to use in my everyday life to continue on my journey. Investing in myself has been the best thing I have done in years.”

Jenny, Chelmsford

“If you are being held back in your life by a lack of self-belief or confidence then I highly recommend working with Steph! In just one session with her, I felt a huge shift in my mindset as I was able to work through and release something deeply rooted in my subconscious which had been affecting me for over 25 years! I had no idea it was still having such an impact on my confidence! I felt completely safe to explore this experience with Steph. She held the space for me and I knew she was there with me, supporting me and keeping me safe. I would not hesitate to recommend Steph to anyone looking for any kind of transformational work!”

Zoe, Herts