I want to start out by saying that I work 100% bespoke, to the needs of my clients, based on her personal and individual set of circumstances.

There is no set formula, I do not have a session plan, and I can never give a timeline of how long our time together will be

Each woman I walk alongside is unique and beautiful in her own right, and therefore it makes complete sense that our sessions are exactly that too!

No two sessions are the same.

However, I am always working in a proactive and efficient way and ultimately to make myself redundant.

I am in the business of getting to the roots of what is holding you back and pulling that out once and for all.

I am here to walk this path with you, at this time in your life with an end goal always in sight.

I will support you to get out of your own way, reconnect to all that you already are (but may have been lost amongst the layers of life) and all that you desire to be.

And lastly, I want to add that I have walked this path and I know it can be a scary prospect at times (think pandoras box!) but trust me when I say, it will be so worth it!

 Steph xx





My one-to-one work is beautifully intimate and powerful, a space just for you to let go of all you need to, to say anything that is ready to be said, and ultimately release the weight of what you are carrying, possibly for a long time now.

I create an intimate space, utilising my vast skillset, knowledge and experience – whether face to face or online. I have been holding spaces since 2010, but probably a whole lot longer as my friends have always come and confide in me.

Whatever you share with me is safely locked in my vault* and we will work through it together, at a pace that suits you. I will walk beside you as you turn your pain into power, embrace all of your truths in order to live a free, authentic and aligned life

In between our sessions, I am available to you via WhatsApp*, for you to share any insights, memories or new realisations you may have had as well as gaining virtual support from me too if and when you need it 

*Please note that I will always endeavour to reply promptly, during normal working hours, but may delayed if I am client facing

What is your investment?

  • First and foremost, making yourself a priority, and creating the time to show up for yourself, with an open mind, ready to create change and shed the layers of life
  • The financial investment is £95.00 per session (between 50-60 minutes)- I do offer a package of £270.00 if you pre-pay for three sessions upfront, saving £15.00


“Steph has played a pivotal role in my transformation as a woman, business owner, mother, daughter and partner. Her inner child work is so powerful that it’s highlighted aspects of myself I hadn’t even dared to consider. Her work is confronting, refreshing and life changing. Book her, share her, refer her and prepare to enjoy every aspect of your life for the better! Thank you so much Steph”

~ Kika Mitchell

    What is my investment in you?

    I consider myself a Sherpa, well versed in what may come as a result of change, and whilst my clients are the ones bravely facing all that they need too in order to make the changes they desire, I a guiding them on a path I have walked before and can navigate with subjectivity and with a different perspective.

    I do this by using a powerful set of life transforming interventions and techniques to understand, break down and resolve the things we think, do, and say, in order to change perception, improve my client’s life and ultimately support them to live the life they desire

      “Working with Steph has been life-changing for me. I’ve been working through various aspects of my emotional health for a few years through books and podcasts but got to a point where I felt a bit stuck and physical manifestations (hives) had shown me that I really needed to have some sort of formal therapy. Steph has a broad range of tools to utilise in the therapy room and I liked how her mentorship sounded more proactive than some more traditional counselling might be. In our sessions, we have peeled off so many layers of emotions and blockages which were stopping me from moving forward and getting what I wanted out of life. We have done inner child work amongst other NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to really get to the root of why I think or say or do certain things. It has really been the most powerful gift to myself over the past five months – to have someone who I can offload to without judgment, who then pulls out of my overwhelm and confusion things that we can work on so that I can move forward – everyone needs someone that can help them like this! As we move through personal issues, we’ve also addressed things that affect me as a self-employed business owner, and I am finding her mentorship invaluable in this respect too. Thank you, Steph! I am truly grateful to have you in my life.”

      ~ Emma Reido

        I would love to chat to you to get to know you more, so please do reach out for a free, no-obligation, alignment call, either via telephone or zoom, today.

        *NB: the only time I will break confidentiality is if I believe you are danger of harming yourself or others*


          I created Reconnect to You because I became aware very quickly of how effective it was for the women; I work with 1-2-1 both now and in the past.

          These simple but effective actions that women were taking every day, were having such a profound effect on their lives!

          Over the period of 5 days, I am going to email you each day, a task which will begin the process of you reconnecting to your authentic self, no holds barred, filters removed!

          Reconnect to You costs £44.

          Let’s be honest, there are times when life just feels completely out of control. You don’t know if you’re coming or going in fact, you don’t even know which direction you wish to go in. 

          But we can’t know where we want to go, or what we want to do, if we don’t know where we currently are and what we are currently doing!

          So, let’s get a clear idea of all areas of our lives, what is working and what isn’t, so you can start to work with yourself instead of against. Clear the Mind Fog costs £9.99.

          Are there are moments where you feel unseen, unheard, and not a priority to anyone…… you are bottom of the pile, not important or maybe unappreciated?

          It could also be that you don’t know who you are, or don’t know who you want to be and very confused with life.

          And just to make things even more fun, as women we also have the waves of cyclomatic hormones to ride on a regular basis, alongside challenges that come our way, whether that’s parenting, relationships, careers, maybe all of the above or one of them, all whilst we manage everything else that can be going on in life.

          Life can be a like a hamster wheel, that doesn’t stop turning, and ultimately leaving us feeling very spun out and dizzy.

          I am providing you with the opportunity to take a pause in time to be, to be a part of a community, to give and receive support, to feel heard, to feel inspired, and to ultimately feel empowered as you walk away at the end of the day, feeling lighter with self-help, tangible tools to keep you moving forwards, one foot in front of another.

          I’m so excited to share this with you, as bringing women together, like this brings me so much joy. 

          There will be a ‘before’ YOU and an ‘After’ YOU

          I’m offering you the opportunity to be more YOU