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Whether yo

Whether your child(ren) are 2 months old or 20 years old, the pressure has never been greater on Mums today to be all, and do all for her children.

She is not only expected to be the educator, joy creator, mediator, personal chef, housemaid, taxi driver and all-round comforter (to name but a few of the MANY tasks), but she is also supposed to have her shit together ALL.OF.THE.TIME, and look like she is enjoying it.

In the midst of all of this crazy, the majority of us (well actually ALL of us, but some are less willing to openly admit it) feel like a huge chunk of US has been lost, never to be found again, Redefined by the role of Mum, and often fantasise about the woman you once were?

You simply can’t remember the woman you were before, and have no idea how to even begin to ‘Un-Plug from Mum’ for just a moment in time.

I can see you now, falling into bed, at the end of every day, needing space and quiet; absolutely no more human contact… completely people’d out.

Intimacy and romance has long gone. Your relationship with your partner has very little of it, if any at all, as you are tapped out on being ‘Mum’ and can’t even begin the process of switching ‘Mother to Lover.’

It makes complete sense to me as our children need so much of us, both mentally and physically, that there is absolutely no inclination to be present for anyone else at the end of the day, let alone step into the ‘lover’ role.


How are you able to be his sounding board, when you have nothing left in the tank?


You want to be present for him too, and you often reminisce about the carefree days, when you both felt connected enough to create your children in the first place.
But you feel so disconnected from that past version of yourself, that every day feels the same as the one before. Mum Groundhog Day.


If only you knew how to ‘Un-Plug from Mum’?


But what if you had an amazing opportunity to spend time with like minded women, all ready and willing to once more feel connected to their pre-kids self?
Beautiful women who know there is more to life than feeling the way they do right now, and are ready to start living life for themselves, as well as being a kick ass Mum.



Think back to times where you spoke with confidence and made yourself a priority.
Times when you felt brave and strong, and knew you could achieve anything you wanted too.
That woman is still very much a part of you, she has just been muted for a time, whilst you transitioned into Motherhood.

But YOU know she is ready to be released and you FEEL it is time.


Would you welcome the opportunity to:


  • Bring inner calmness back to your life (something that almost ALL women, regardless of where they are at in their lives, should make a priority!)?
  • Learn ways of shedding mum guilt and forgiving yourself for a crappy day?
  • Find peace in knowing you re not alone in the way you think and feel, ending the guilt ridden isolation once and for all?
    Then it is TIME to make yourself and your mental well-being a priority and finally begin the process of reconnecting with your badass self?


THIS JANUARY the first ever ‘Un-Plug from Mum’ Workshop


.It’s The Perfect New Years Resolution Starter

This unique workshop will not only provide you with tried and tested tools and techniques, proven to begin that process of un-plugging every day, but will also provide you with some invaluable ‘ME’ time, in calm and serene surroundings, in the heart of Chelmsford, Essex

This interactive workshop will be filled with Prosecco, a FREE goody bag (brimming with freebies and special offers), and guaranteed laughter, as well as maybe a few tears (of the good releasing variety)



What is the investment?
£35! That is it! It’s a no-brainer.

Do I have to be a Mum?
Absolutely NOT! This is for women, feeling lost and ready to unplug from the new familiar person they have become. Kids are not essential.

Will there be non-alcoholic drinks available?
Yes of course, there will be a bar with soft drinks as well as Tea and Coffee

Where is the venue?
We will be in the beautiful Old Chelmfordian’s Members only bar in Roxwell Road, Writtle, Chelmsford.

How do I get my hands on a ticket?

It is so easy, just click on the image below and you will be instantly redirected to PayPal….simples!

I can’t wait to see you there

Steph xxx