I believe vulnerability is a strength and when we get vulnerable, we learn and grow from it. I know vulnerability is something most people shy away from, I probably would’ve been one of those people as well until I started digging into the power of language and what words mean.

I’ve been supporting women since 2010, and first came into the world of self-employment as a doula. A doula is a female birth companion, and I have had the absolute privilege to support over 50 women and their partners in the transition into motherhood.

I’ve seen lots of babies come into the world in many different ways, and I often say that being a doula was my gateway drug to the work I do today, as everything I do to this day, is very much built from my foundations of doula-ing.

I’m still walking beside women as they make the changes, they desire in their lives to live an aligned life, that’s much more congruent to how they want to be.

So, whilst I may not be involved in childbirth anymore, my focus remains very much about a woman’s rebirth and stepping into all that she is and all that she desires to.

Specifically, the work I do now is using a really powerful set of life-transforming interventions and techniques and that allows me to understand, break down and resolve the things that we think, the things that we do, and the things that we say in order to change perception and ultimately improve my client’s life to and to support them to live the life they desire.

The tools of my trade are NLP and hypnotherapy. You may have heard of hypnotherapy, but you may not understand what NLP is.

NLP stands for neurolinguistic programming. I was drawn to the NLP course, for quite some time, I was never really sure why, but when I got there, I instantly knew why and I experienced multiple lightbulb moments.

NPL: neuro is what we think about ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Linguistic is what we say to ourselves

Programming is the things we do, which includes the habits and the behaviours that we have.

Hypnotherapy a form of therapy that uses the power of suggestion to encourage positive change.

As a hypnotherapist, I use relaxation techniques to help my clients reach a state where the conscious part of their mind, which is the analytical part of their brain, is relaxed, and then the unconscious part of the mind, which I like to call the lifetime storage facility is much more open to suggestion, which in turn will help and encourage the changes that my clients are looking for.

I combine NLP and hypnotherapy with solution focused questions that I ask my clients, and that allows me to really understand them, help them to understand themselves better and help them make the changes that they desire in their life.

If you haven’t yet worked with me, what I want you to know is that nothing I do is prescribed. There’s no set programme. It’s all very much about feeling my way through our interactions to find the best solutions for my client.

So back to my point about likening myself to a sherpa….what is a Sherpa!?

A sherpa is a well-versed person that helps others that are climbing mountains and going out on trails that are not the normal paths. It’s helping them understand and find their way through untrodden territory. I see the relation in that my role as a Sherpa is that I walk beside my clients in uncharted territory to help them keep going because sometimes they get the urge to turn back though fear.

Imagine being on an unknown pathway with no map, and you start to question if this is actually the right way for you and you get the urge to turn around, and go back to what feels familiar and safe?

Remember the days before satnavs? You’d be like, I really don’t know where I am, maybe we should turn around.

I’m there to say “no, don’t turn around”.

We’re on the right path, just keep going.

Trust me, keep going and we are going to get where you want to go to, we may just need to navigate a few bumps along the way. There may be a few ditches that we have to jump over. There may be a slight u-turn we have to make and go in a slightly different direction but trust me, we will find your way forwards

I have been there. I’ve walked those pathways. I have trusted myself over to people like me, that I know will get me through the next phase in my journey.

I consider myself a Sherpa as I walk beside women for many different reasons, but all with the same desire. And that is  to find their way into the next phase of their lives.

If you feel this post calling to you, it’s likely because you’re ready to take  steps into unchartered territory.

All you need is someone to guide your way. 

I am ready when you are.

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I look forward to hearing from you

Steph xx