I am first and foremost a woman as well as a Mum, (and a super proud one at that!) I have been raising my tribe of boys (now Men) since 1996!

When I had my first son at a young age, and 11 months after losing my sister to cancer, it felt like the natural choice for me to be a stay-at-home Mum and I felt blessed and grateful that I had the opportunity to make that choice. This was my chosen ‘career path’ at that time, and between the years of 1996 and 2007, I birthed and began raising three beautiful sons.

However, in 2007 life took another turn when my marriage to their dad broke down, a deeply sad time for us all, this was categorically not what I wanted for my children, having seen my parents’ divorce when I was younger. It was definitely one of the hardest parts of my life, where I had to make painful decisions, take action, and support my children through all of it.

It was also at this time, that I made the decision to go out the house to work, my youngest son was about to start school, so it felt that it was as good as time as ever to investigate what it was that would float my boat. I knew that my ‘old career’ (travel consultant) was no longer aligned to me, but that ‘old Steph’ needed to come back, because she was a powerful woman before life knocked her for six!  

My children were secure in our new normal, I was now in a committed, loving relationship and I had this strong feeling that it was now time to plug back into all that I was before, as well as adding the new, beautiful layers of strength, determination, and self-love that I had accrued. I had a feeling deep inside of me, I was starting to hear the sounds of younger Steph, and she was busting to get out…..her voice was very quiet at first, and I had to really work hard to hear here.

I took my first steps to re-connect in 2010 by going back into therapy, (a practice I would engage in, as and when I needed too, many times between then and now) alongside venturing into a new ‘career’ world, and one in which I would find ‘my tribe’, women like ME, friends that I had been searching for all of my life.

Since 2010 I have added many skills and tools to my toolbelt, in fact everything I use in my work brought me back to life, so I know they work. I have walked though many more doors which have provided opportunities and supported me to become the woman I am today, and my most favourite part, that brings me so much joy, is that I have had the privilege to support 100’s of women during that time, to rediscover themselves, to come out from behind the shadows and come home to the woman they have always been, but got a little lost and shrunken along the way.

But you would be wrong in assuming that this is all a walk in the park, for me there were days where skeletons of the past would present themselves to me and my instinct was to run and hide! Days where I opened up Pandora’s box and didn’t like what I found inside! Self-doubt and the negative thoughts would intensify

‘Give up this is too hard’ ‘stay where you are right now, it’s familiar and safe’ ….just a few things I had on repeat in my head.

So wanna know what did I do to keep myself going!?

I invested in myself! I got therapy and then SOME MORE! I believed I could do everything I wanted to, so I found people to support me, people who believed in ME! I read and continue to read books that lift me up, that support my mindset, that ignite my soul.

I surround myself with beautiful people, I have truly authentic relationships, ones where I never compromise who I am, and that includes my marriage. My husband is my biggest cheerleader, his ongoing support is invaluable, we are a true equal partnership (because I wouldn’t accept anything less)

I feel immense pride when a new client comes to work with me, allowing me the privilege to know them and all that they have experienced in life. I never take for granted the trust they place in me to hold them close and walk beside them as they rediscover the woman they were born to be, alongside all that they already are!

Mental well-being and self-discovery is an ongoing process, and to this day I have support systems in place at all times.

To those of you reading this, that feel I am speaking to you directly, come connect and share with me your aspirations, your hopes and dreams and the woman that is in your future!

I know I can’t wait to meet her.

Steph xx