A holistic approach to business growth

I will start by saying that I am not a business coach, as I feel that is really important to lay out from the get go. 

I offer personal and group support and mentoring, by utilising my skillset and experiences as a female business owner (since 2010) which ultimately empowers my clients to lead in a way that aligns to them and their values and purpose.

If you have read the ‘about me’ page, you will have an understanding of who I am, and why I do what I do, specifically for women.

Life has a funny old way of taking us down pathways that we didn’t originally set out on, and we can find ourselves completely lost before we know it.

Whether you are a Mum that has lost herself in the process of being the best you can be for your child(ren), or you have found yourself at a cross roads, and are ready to rediscover/reinvent yourself, and step back out into the world as YOU.

It may be that you have a desire to re start or advance your career, or even start a new page and create something completely new?

It could be that none of the above fits, but you still feel you can do and be so much more than you are at this very moment!

So first and foremost, what I wont do!

Give you the answers you feel you need….why!?

Because I know that you already have all the answers you need locked inside, and that you just need a safe, unconditional space to fully explore and release them.

But what I will do is hold a space for you (either 1-2-1 or in a small intimate group setting) which will enable you to open up in a way that has never felt safer, meaning you really get to know yourself in a way like never before. What I am offering you is a space of self-discovery and reconnection, to discover all you are and all you want to be.

Interested or intrigued?

I currently offer 1-2-1 Business Therapy Sessions either via Zoom or Face to Face in Chelmsford, Essex

And I am very excited to share my upcoming ‘Map Your Path To Success’ Workshops, launching in May 2022.

This truly is a holistic approach to business growth 

For more information and to register your interest in these services for women in business, please register below.