Congratulations …! You’ve just had the best news ever that you’re going to be a mummy. With the emotional rollercoaster you now find yourself on, the last thing you need to worry about is your expanding waistline and how to still feel womanly and show that bump off without looking like you’re wearing a sack!

I couldn’t wait to fill my wardrobe with new clothes and actually have a reason for the purchase without hiding them from the other half; That is until I started shopping. You’d think that with the way of the world now, maternity clothes wouldn’t be hidden away, but that’s exactly how it felt for me.Most shops only sell their maternity wear online, which to me, is ridiculous as your body changes so fast, these are the clothes you need to be trying on in store, not worrying about ordering them online, waiting for them to be delivered and then the faff of maybe having to send them back.

I started looking into alternatives and believe it or not, you can still wear normal clothes during your pregnancy. Here are my top tips on how to feel sexy and womanly as that gorgeous bump grows without blowing the budget and getting the most out of your new clothes before and after baby.
Alex1Elastic, elastic, elastic ….. This will become your new best friend!
Buy yourself an elasticated waist skirt / trousers (no, they don’t have to be from the granny section of M&S) a size bigger than you normally are and as your bump grows, the skirt continues to fit. Alex2








Think ahead to next season – what you’re buying now, could you get away with wearing next year? I bought an empire line dress from Warehouse, it sat nicely above my bump and I know that I will still be able to wear it next summer too even though my baby bump is now a beautiful baby boy


Floaty does it …. Buy yourself floaty tops that are versatile. I got so much use out of a loose fitted shirt that I wore for work, casual and nights out (when I wasn’t tired) and I can still wear it now and as an oversized shirt dress in the summer. (Note my non granny elasticated waist trousers too)





How to wear jeans …. For the first few months you should be able to get away with wearing your own jeans. To enable you to wear them for as long as possible, when they start to feel a bit snug – get yourself a hairband and place one end over the button, now feed the other end through the buttonhole and fold back round over the button, put on a floaty top and off you go!!!!
When this is no longer a viable option then head to ASOS and purchase yourself a couple of pairs of their maternity jeans. They’re not mega expensive, but are comfy and look stylish.
Staple items …. I found it really useful to have a few maternity vests and t-shirts as staples wardrobe pieces that I could team with other normal and maternity clothing – I still even wear some of them now. A jersey dress / skirt is always a good go to item for work or nights out. Just like when you’re not pregnant, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black maternity trousers. Comfy, comfy, comfy, a playsuit is always a good to go and on trend. I also wore jogging bottoms around the house as I could wear them under my bump.

Where did they come from? …. Go get your boobs measured at Mothercare and make sure you get the right bra for your new shape. They recommend doing this every 6 weeks
These shoes were made for walking …. Being a heel girl I was devastated to think I wasn’t going to be able to wear them when I got too big, but mother nature put paid to that when I was grateful for my Clarkes flatties at around 7 and half months. Much to my delight, my yoga teacher used to tell us off for wearing completely flat shoes as it’s not actually great for your posture to wear totally flat shoes during pregnancy. I found a lovely kitten heel in M&S (but I did love my Clarkes flats too!)

My recommendations on where to go for maternity wear
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Blossom Mother & Child (for high end designer maternity wear)
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My recommendations on where to go for non maternity wear to wear during pregnancy
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